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Where we are called by Jesus Christ in this time and place, Living as covenant community; transforming lives and communities in Jesus Christ; making healthy transitions as leaders & congregations.  We are the Presbyterian Church, USA regional body of Christ, in Northwest Ohio & Southeast Michigan.
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On November 15, 2016 Maumee Valley Presbytery approved a 3% equity increase on total effective salary for minimum terms of call for full-time installed pastors for 2017. 

A model for 2017 terms of call for a full time installed pastor at minimum is found below.

HOWEVER, each individual congregation/Session is urged to log into Benefits Connect with your user number to further refine the cost to your congregation in light of changes that have been made in benefits which can be offered.                                                                                    

                                                                   Installed Pastor A                                                                                  

Total Effective Salary                                                                                                                           $45,239.20        

Includes Cash +Housing allowance/Manse value +Other Compensation such as retirement savings,  downpayments on housing, equity allowances, flexible spending accounts, furnishings  allowances, Interest free loans, and employer contribution to SECA .  Does not include the utility allowance if the member lives in a manse and the utilities are in the name of the employing organization.  (NOTE:  Total effective Salary is not the same as taxable salary reported to the IRS or to the Social Security administration.)                                                        

Health Dues in Pastor’s Participation                                                                                                    $11,083.61        

(Based upon 24.5% of total effective salary for pastor and family)


(Based upon 11% of total effective salary of installed pastor)                                                                     $  4,976.32

D&D Dues                                                                                                                                            $    452.40

        (Based upon 1% of total effective salary)


         Professional Travel

(Vouchered @ 2017 IRS mileage rate which was .54 a mile)                                                           $ 2,448.00                       

         Continuing Education                                                                                                                      $    816.00                      

TOTAL MINIMUM TERMS OF CALL                                                                                                       $65,015.53                                                                                 

Vacation: 4 weeks including 4 Sundays       

Continuing Education: 2 weeks including 2 Sundays

If the employer provides actual housing/manse as part of the member’s compensation without charging the member, the employer must report it to the Board of Pensions as part of the member’s effective salary. The reported amount must be at least 30% of all other compensation that is included in effective salary. When a manse is provided, typically the church pays all utilities directly to the companies.”  


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